2020 Honda Accord Touring Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance

2020 Honda Accord Touring Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance

2020 Honda Accord Touring Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance – Times just before resting in the 2020 Honda Accord Touring you see in this article, I was driving about in the oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe that-this-point-exists Volvo XC90 R-Design. You can imagine then that my anticipations had been set quite high. So, as I drove from Volvo Laval to the Boucherville Honda press office to go pick up the Accord, I imagined to personally: “How am I going to see clearly following getting so ruined?”

2020 Honda Accord Touring 1 2020 Honda Accord Touring Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance
2020 Honda Accord Touring

2020 Honda Accord Touring Review

You see, automotive journalism necessitates that regardless how superb a car may be, we now have to always keep our head cool otherwise we would not be analyzing cars, but simply driving them as an alternative. Of course, we are a ruined group, meaning once we get out of a 70k Swedish luxury SUV, it is challenging to be objective about a mid-size sedan particular to frequent mortals like you and me. With that being said, the minute I sat in the 2020 Honda Accord, in addition to observing a solid drop in the quality of interior materials compared to the blue Swede, I right away experienced at home; simply because the Accord is Honda ingenuity at its greatest. In fact, this car is so excellent, that by the time I possessed driven out of the Honda push office parking whole lot, I had currently ignored all about the Volvo.

It is truly the minute specifics that include up to make the Accord feel so incredible. Powering the wheel, the first factor you discover is how easy it is to see almost everything outside the house. Thanks to a low cowl, thin A-pillars, and lower than average door windows, there is an airy feeling in the cabin that literally brings back thoughts of the cars of the nineties. And that, think me, is really good quality – especially for us gen-Y’s who grew up in the nineties and are the ones buying new cars nowadays. Then, there’s the way you sit in an Accord. Of course, there is absolutely nothing groundbreaking about the seats; the materials are okay at greatest, and that fake grey leather could very well have been lent from a Honda Shadow bike seat cover for all I proper care. But they’re so damn comfortable and supply excellent lumbar support. You also stay good and low just like in the Honda items we all expanded up with. And that instantly makes you feel pleased about the rest in the world.

Styling sensible, this is significantly a Honda Accord, significance it integrates right into the collection of mundane family sedans provided on the market right now, yet still, it retains that common incredible design that’s so standard of Honda products. Ever since the 2020 model year, the Accord got a facelift which does a great task of creating a bit much more sexual intercourse attractiveness. This is in no way a poor design to start with, but the last version was a bit as well conservative for my tastes. The up to date front fascia is now outfitted up with a lot more chrome inserts, as nicely as a new combination of LED daytime running lights. Choose for the Touring trim, this sort of as my tester, and you get the full LED treatment of headlights and fog lights. Touring also brings extremely appealing 19-inch wheels, which, coming from Honda, is a compliment considering that most of their current wheel styles are simply horrible. Out back, there’s included chrome over the taillights which have been given a revised LED design.

2020 Honda Accord Touring Interior 1 2020 Honda Accord Touring Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance
2020 Honda Accord Touring Interior

Inside, as mentioned before, the cabin won’t set hair on the fireplace with elegant patterns or high-priced looking fabrics. Just a thoroughly clean, useful and effectively created interior. Becoming the “older” car in Honda’s lineup, it’s not necessarily as clean as what you get in the 2020 Civic, however, it nevertheless appears its own ground as a wonderful place to spend some time in. In an attempt to protect against the Accord from being overshadowed by the Civic, Honda has pimped up the interior with piano-black plastic materials, timber grain (for Touring trims) as well as soft-touch components on door individual panels and across the dashboard, but to be totally genuine, the Civic continue to believes much more premium than its big sister. And that’s fairly disconcerting. The appeal of the 2020 Honda Accord is placed in its driving dynamics. And this is in which, in some way, it surpasses the Civic. In this article is how strange issues are at Honda nowadays: the Civic, which is intended to be the brand’s entry-level sedan for more youthful consumers, seems more premium, roomy, and total larger than the Accord. In any case, the Accord is, without fall short, amazing to drive. And that is no coincidence because Honda’s technicians have meticulously massaged the car’s dealing with feel by adding an aluminum hood, a far more rigid front strut tower bar, a new front member uppr fellow member stiffener, as properly as new front and rear damper housing stiffeners. The instant feeling right behind the wheel is of a light and playful chassis which takes neglect all day time long and nonetheless ask for far more. As a make a difference of fact, while in the time I had my Accord hit car, I permitted me personally to key in corners way faster than I was legitimately enabled to, wanting the car tires to start moaning as these were pushed to the boundaries of their adherence; in the end, all they did was claw into the pavement, as when they were actually wondering, “Are you done warming up?”. And it’s not simply the Accord’s capability to try to eat up edges that impresses the most, it is its ability to saturate up road defects and abandon your Tim Hortons gourmet coffee undamaged although doing this. This is one of the most healthy suspension systems I’ve actually experienced in any automobile up to now, and I have driven a good deal of things.

Drivetrain intelligent, there are two possible engines with a total of three transmission choices for the 2020 Accord. There is even a hybrid version. Customers either can choose for an in a natural way aspirated 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine great for a more than enough 185 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque. It could be coupled to both of Honda’s excellent transmissions, the CVT or the 6-speed manual – give thanks to God. A V6 is available; essentially the very same engine located in all Honda V6-powered vehicles. It is the brand’s now famous and quite loved 3.5L, the very same engine discovered in the Acura TLX SH-AWD I drove this wintertime. It is excellent for 278 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque and can only be got with a 6-speed automatic transmission in sedan trim. Be confident, a 6-speed manual is available in the coupe. My tester had the 2.4L with the CVT transmission. Though my Accord of an option will be equipped with the put and three pedals, I was excited to encounter that CVT with the 2.4L.

And stuff is no variation in the Accord. There are three distinct drive settings available entirely on the shift handle. Transfer it into S, and, like in the Civic, the CVT transmission helps to keep the revs up to maximize the engine’s available power group. In this case, the 2.4L gives off one really satisfying intake rasp and starts off to bark as it climbs by way of the revs thanks to the i-VTEC system. Of course, this is the exact same 2.4L that capabilities the Acura ILX, though with a little various adjusting. It is without having a doubt an amazing engine, one which, even with the CVT transmission, meets drivers with speedy throttle answer, a pleasant exhaust note, and a willingness to rev. And even though I have practically nothing to say towards Honda’s new turbocharged engines, this 2.4L will probably be neglected. It’s important to mention that the Touring model has never been intended to be sporty. Honda will market you an Accord Sport, which comes with an extra 5 hp (haha) and a dual exhaust. Furthermore, it gets the Touring’s rear outdoor patio spoiler, 19-inch wheels and carbon fiber inserts instead of the wood grain. Since nothing states Sport like carbon fiber trim.

At the end of my time with the Accord, it took me a good deal to find any shortcomings. My only gripe is with the fact that Honda nevertheless has not fitted its infotainment methods with a freakin volume knob. That touch-based volume control thingy is utterly useless. Also, I’m still not a big enthusiast of the total two-screen design for the infotainment system, in which generally, it really decorative mirrors the identical facts about the two displays. It’s unintuitive and basically doesn’t seem sensible. Annoying volume controls aside, the Accord not only does its duty of simply being a nicely set-jointly mid-size sedan for the masses, additionally, but it also gives its drivers a checklist of pleasant shocks that allow it to impact way previously mentioned its body weight. Rear lower-leg room and cargo space are more than decent, though I’ve noticed you can get a tad much more from the competition. Meh, who cares proper? Uninteresting statistics apart, the Accord is properly well balanced in the locations that issue; it is comfortable, handles nicely, is really exciting to drive, dependable, fuel efficient (6.9L/100 km average) and appearance sufficient to recreation area it next to a BMW 3-series without being ashamed of it. And then, there is the fact that the 2020 Honda Accord is uncomfortably near to the Acura crop of sedans. While in the time I was driving the Accord, I’d check with myself personally, “why on God’s world would anyone purchase an Acura TLX over this?”

Fine, the TLX does include the additional advantage of AWD in SH-AWD trim, but is it truly worthy of paying almost $12 000 extra? And if you’re looking for a dynamic sports sedan with a raspy exhaust note and high-revving engine, why get an Acura ILX? That factor is nevertheless a couple of thousands of dollars more than this Accord. Not that I want to bash on the ILX or nearly anything; it is a car I respect and quite liked. But in four-cylinder trim, the Accord is just too much of a discount. My tester, the Touring, is the most topped-out Accord you can get well before entering V6 territory and it sells for $35 241. The Acura ILX I test drove a couple of months ago provides for $37 191.

2020 Honda Accord Touring Specs 2020 Honda Accord Touring Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance
2020 Honda Accord Touring Specs

And yes, at that price your Accord could have leather seats, power almost everything, and Honda Sensing; Honda’s significantly impressive mashup of safety technology and autonomous driving assists that really enable your Accord to drive on its own on the highway. You can also charge your smartphone via Bluetooth in the Honda, something I couldn’t do in the ILX. But the final nail in the coffin for Acura, particularly for the ILX’s sake, is that the Accord Sport, which will come with a 6-speed manual, the same engine, and far more total interior space and comfort, markets for $28 941. Prefer for the exact same tech deals as in the ILX, and you’re still under at $31 048 ($31 791 for the ILX). And despite the fact that I have nothing to say from the existing crop of Acura goods, I would actually go out and acquire the Accord Sports way well before an Acura ILX, regardless of whether it comes with an impressive dual-clutch transmission. Sorry DCT, the manual box retains you outdone. That being said, not only does the Honda Accord provide more Acura for your hard earned money, it’s just a way better categorized out vehicle in every single way. Contrary to the Acuras, which attempt so desperately to rise to the top, the 2020 Honda Accord basically dominates its mission of becoming the benchmarked midsize sedan. In other words, there are not several cars on the market nowadays offering you this significant car and fun for the price.

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