2020 Honda Accord 5 Points To Know Review

2020 Honda Accord 5 Points To Know Review

2020 Honda Accord 5 Points To Know Review – One of the most in-demand Honda cars globally, the new generation Honda Accord is all set to be revealed in a couple of several hours from now in the US. The well-liked sedan goes to its 10th generation now, a month or two after its long-standing chief rival – the new generation Toyota Camry – was exposed previously this year. While India may have obtained the present generation Accord only last year, the outbound model has been available since 2013. Forward of the grand premiere organized in its most favored market – the US, Here are 5 stuff you will need to know about the 2020 Honda Accord:

Honda Accord European Market Specs 2020 Honda Accord 5 Points To Know Review
Honda Accord European Market Specs

1. No V6

Something Honda confirmed earlier this year, the new generation Honda Accord will likely be ditching its V6 powerplant completely, in favor of an inline-four engine. It’s an end of an era for the Accord V6 that appreciated a strong adhering to from the lovers. However, with a larger focus on rigid emissions and greater efficiency reviews, the Japanese auto giant has made the decision to deliver an end to the large powertrain for one thing that’s less expensive.

2. Downsized Engines

However, if you believe the 2018 Honda Accord’s new downsized engines will be uninteresting. You are improper! While Honda is downsizing the displacement, the engines will be turbocharged and are sure to maintain the power quotient undamaged. The replacing to the past V6 unit will be the new 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder from the new Civic Type R. However, don’t expect the new Accord to be as manic as the Type R, and as an alternative can get a various low inertia turbo. The engine will also get a supplementary harmonic balancer to smooth out the procedures degrees on the four-pot motor to give a V6-like feel. Count on power output to be under 300 horses on the 2-liter mill.

In supplement, there is likewise a new 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine on offer when churning out in between 175 and 190 bhp of power. The motor is already noticed on the new Civic and CR-V models in Honda’s line-up. For European markets, the Accord is likely to get the 1.6-liter diesel as well, additional to the range. A Hybrid version will also go on purchase around the world featuring Honda’s two-motor hybrid technology, built around the 2-liter motor. The petrol hybrid is the one you ought to count on can make it to India.

3. Business First 10-speed Automatic Transmission

Honda has also confirmed that the tenth generation Accord will probably be the first front wheel drive car to get a 10-speed automatic transmission. This unit should come paired to the 2.0-liter turbo four petrol mill, although the CVT will likely be on offer as well paired to the 1.5-liter version. For the lovers, Honda continues to use its 6-speed manual transmission on a number of trims that will not only make for a fascinating drive but also establish a reduced base price for the sedan if it proceeds sale.

4. Honda Civic Inspired Styling

Though Honda is nevertheless to uncover the new Accord worldwide, it performed disclose a handful of particulars on its design. The model is going to be using cues from the new generation Civic and is expected to be bolder than its present development. The present Accord carries on to get a conservative technique, and it will probably be exciting to see smarter styling rendering it on the model. So count on a coupe-like roof-line on the new Accord, without limiting on cabin space. The teaser also discloses a larger grille on the new model, besides all LED headlamps and tail lighting, and a sharper looking rear information. That said, we all do not expect Honda to stray too much into the Civic zone, but it’ll certainly be a much better-looking model.

Honda Accord European Market Review 2020 Honda Accord 5 Points To Know Review
Honda Accord European Market Review

5. Much more Features

The 2020 Honda Accord will discover a revamp in features with the latest generation. Far more visibly, an electronic parking brake is expected to be included to the feature listing. New touchscreen infotainment will also be in getting helping Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, although rumors propose that Honda might bring back the volume control button following listening to complaints that consumers weren’t too satisfied with the absence of it. You will see new active and passive safety techniques in place as nicely. Some of the standard features are probably to include collision detection technology, whereby the car will automatically brake on sensing imminent collision together with lane discovery technology and much more.

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